What is “onederland” anyways???


Onederland is a term I use often around here, so I thought I’d clarify it for you all. I’m not sure where I initially heard the expression, but it has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Onederland is a weight beginning with the number one. I think it would be wonderful to weigh “one-hundred-and-some-odd-pounds” so my goal is “one-derland.” =)

Update: Now that I have firmly established myself in Onederland, it is a bit surreal. For years, and I mean years, my goal was 199 pounds. After achieving this, I had to set some new goals for myself. Now, instead of striving to reach onederland, I am exploring all it has to offer. I am going further up and further in this wonderful place and am excited to discover all its possibilities.


One thought on “What is “onederland” anyways???

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